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Is it toxic to diffuse oils for cats or dogs? -

Answer: NO - if you use therapeutic grade essential oils.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you do not lock your furry friends in the room while the diffuser running and give them an option.


If a spill or accident happens, if too much oil is used or the wrong one -- use a carrier oil (coconut, avocado, almond, etc.) to calm and dilute the reaction as well as help remove. Do NOT use water, that will only amplify the effects.

Dilution for Dogs

0-30 pounds > 1 drop oil : 4 drops carrier oil

30-55 pounds > 1-2 drops oil : 2-4 drops carrier oil

55-80 pounds > 2 drops oil : 2 drops carrier oil

80 + pounds > 2-4 drops oil : 1-2 drops oil

Dilution for Cats

0-10 pounds > 1 drop oil : 1 tablespoon carrier oil

10-20 > 1 drop oil : 2 teaspoons carrier oil


No dilution needed.

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